Do I have to separate my clothes?
We will separate your clothes to ensure they all get clean and stay the right colors.

Do I have to be home to drop off or pick up my laundry?
Only if you’d like to be. We can pick up your laundry or drop it off in a safe spot if you prefer! It’s easy to reschedule pickups and drop offs as well so that its always convenient for you

Do you do dry cleaning or clean large items?
Not yet, but we are actively working on picking these services up. Until then, dry clean only clothes will be returned unwashed packaged separately from clean clothes to avoid any potential damage.

Will you iron or hang dry my clothes?
Absolutely. While we don’t iron standard, we will happily iron clothes for you if you request for free. We will also hang dry or low heat dry any items that require delicate handling for you as well! Our order form makes it easy to request any special treatment for your clothes.

What if I am allergic to some detergents?
We give you the choice of detergents your clothes are cleaned with, and have anti-allergenic and unscented detergents available as choices!

Do I need a laundry bag?
No, we will pick up your laundry the first time and return it with a numbered Dirty Rams laundry bag. This bag will identify your laundry and make it easy to pick up and clean in the future.

Do You Provide Monthly Package for Dry Cleaning and Laundry?
Yes, we provide weekly pickup for our regular customers. Please talk to our representative on your requirements.

What is the Payment Mode?
We accept cash payment upon delivery.

What is the Regular Turnaround?
Our regular turnaround is 5-7 working days.
For carpets, the minimum turnaround time is 2 weeks.